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Power supply nanocrystalline inductor manufacturer

Minimum Order Quantity : 10 pcs Packaging Details : Paper box
Delivery Time : 15 days Payment Terms : T/T
Supply Ability : 50000
Place of Origin: China Brand Name: King Magnetics
Certification: RoHS Model Number: Power supply nanocrystalline inductor manufacturer

Detail Information

Name: Power Supply Nanocrystalline Inductor Manufacturer Model: 1k107, Finemet, Vitroperm 500 F, Nanoperm
Application: EMI Filter Common Mode Choke

Product Description

Power supply nanocrystalline inductor manufacturer

Toroidal current transformer nanocrystalline core

nanocrystalline common mode choke coreNanocrystalline Oval Coreamorphous toroidal and cut coreamorphous inductor, pfc choke corepower line choke coils and transformers high frequency ferrite nanocrystalline cores

Nanocrystalline Transformer Core has very high permeability, high saturation induction, low coercivity, low core loss. Suitable for high frequency transformer of inverter welding equipment, solar inverter, and high power transformer in Kw range.


Material: Fe-based Nanocrystalline core
Saturation flux density induction: 1.25T
Permeability @ 10KHz: > 20000
Curie temperature(℃): 560
Stacking factor: 0.78
Saturation magnetostriction(*10^-6): <2
Resistivity (μΩ.cm): 90
Ribbon thickness: 25μm
Core shapes: Troidal core

High saturation flux density - you can reduce volume of transformers vs tranditional Ferrite
High permeability - improve efficiency,lower exciting power and reduce copper loss
Low coercivity and Low core loss - low temperature rise
Excellent thermal stability - working temperature of -40 - 130℃



>> Inverter welding machines
>> Electrolytic plating power supplies
>> High Power Laser power supplies
>> Communication, high-speed railway power supplies
>> High frequency heating systems
>> High frequency and high power switched mode power supply


Characteristics comparision


Properties Nanophous cores Ferrite cores
Saturation Flux density(T) 1.25 0.5
Remanence (T) (20KHz) <0.2 0.2
Core loss (20KHz/0.2T) (W/Kg) <4 7.5
Core loss (20KHz/0.5T) (W/Kg) <40 can not use
Core loss (50KHz/0.3T) (W/Kg) <50 can not use
Permeability (20KHz) >20,000 2000
Coercivity (A/m) <2.0 6
Saturation magnetostriction(*10^-6) <2 4
Resistivity (μΩ.cm) 90 10^6
Curie temperature(℃) 560 <200
Stacking factor >0.75 n/a


Core dimensions and Power capacity


Part No. Core dimensions Case dimensions Effictive
Weight Power
  od id h OD ID H AFe lFe mFe P
  mm mm mm mm mm mm cm2 cm g KW
KMN644020T 64 40 20 68.2 37 23.5 1.87 16.3 222 1-3
KMN805025T 80 50 25 83.5 47.2 28.8 2.93 20.4 433 3-6
KMN1006020T 100 60 20 106 55 25 3.12 25.1 568 5-7
KMN1207020T 120 70 20 125 65 25 3.90 29.8 843 6-10
KMN1207030T 120 70 30 125 65 36 5.85 2.98 1265 10-14
KMN1308040T 130 80 40 136 75 46 7.80 33.0 1864 16-20
KMN1308050T 130 80 50 136 75 56 9.75 33.0 2331 20-25

Other specifications are available according to customer’s requirements.


Products Overview

We make cores to customer's drawings. If you need custom cores, please send drawing to us.


Full amorphous and nanocrystalline cores catalog download:


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Why choose us?!!


> Ten years experience in manufacturing amorphous and nanocrystalline cores.

> Our own factory produces, we only make high quality magnetic cores.

> Quality is our culture. 100% tested before shipping.

> Alibaba trade assurance, with us your money in safe!

> High performance, our cores can meet world standard quality.

> Your inquiry will be responsed in 24 HOURS. Time is GOLD!

> Small order is welcome, we service every client!



1. Are you manufacturer of amorphous and nanocrystalline cores?

    Yes, we are manufacutrer and we provide high quality products.

2. Can you custom made cores?

    Yes, please send us your drawing and requirements.

3. MOQ

    We don't set a MOQ, small order is welcome.

4. Lead time

    Mostly lead time begins from 15 days, depends on order quantity.

5. How to start order?

    Just fill you requirement message and click "[send]" below, we will contact you in 24Hours.

    Or email to us core(at)



Contact us

Zhuhai King Magnetics Technology Co., Ltd.


Address: 5/F, No.8, Pingdong 1 Road, 
Nanping Science and Technology Park, 
Zhuhai, Guangdong, China, 519060

Telephone: +86-756-830-5985;+86-158-1980-9198



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